Rice Cookie

Delicious, healthy & nutritious


Exhibit our “Rice cookies” at Gulfood 2019

It is decided that we are going to participate in Gulfood 2019 : the world’s largest annual food trade show, its 24th edition taking place in Dubai, 17-21 February 2019. We plans to spread information about products that made from Niigata’s rice and broadly advertise them for sale to the world. gulfood2019


Rice cookies

Rice Cookies that bring to Gulfood are gluten-free & sugar-free.

It made from Rice flour (Niigata Prefecture Production) instead of wheat flour, also is used saccharification liquid of rice instead of sugar.

27 items of specific natural (Allergies) were not used in the production.
Preservable for 3 years.
Best if eaten by the date : 3 years after production date.

How the idea of “Rice Cookies” was born

Niigata is a famous town in Japan of producing a good quality rice. It’s also a place where a lots of natural disaster occur, so people have been looking for ways to survive and continue living with their families on that land that produces some of the finest Rice Brands in Japan.

This is how the idea of “Rice Cookies” was born.

some of the heads of local producers of rice in Niigata with the help of one of renowned patissier chefs came up with the idea of producing a healthy and delicious rice cookies that anyone can eat “Barier Free”, seniors,kids,even people with allergies.

Since then Niigata people have found one way to help them survive and get through difficult times in emergency situations.

Also producing such a product has given a boost to the local rice farmers to increase the sales of rice.

Since our helthy “Rice Cookies” has been introduced to the Japanese market, the government was interested to put extra large orders to our company to be ready incase of emergency situations to help human life survive in both Japan and abroad if necessary.


Gulfood 2019 has just opened!

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